HSQE Department

Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. posses a high quality and demanding SMS policy for the successful fleet and office performance daily routine, vetting and any kind of auditing.

Responsible for the successful implementation, update and familiarization of company’s SMS is the Hygiene Safety Quality Environmental (HSQE) experts’ team which consist of first class captain and specialists.

HSQE experts team undertake with consistency that fleet is in compliance with all the latest national and international policies, regulations and conventions lying to Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental awareness. In extension this specialists team undertakes to implement and familiarize the shore and ashore personnel with the company’s SMS policies for the safety and effectively monitoring and management of company’s fleet.

Moreover, in continuous basis measuring and tracking the company’s KPIs as well as preparing company’s MRM for the overall crosschecking of the management.

These specialists are further responsible to organize with success every kind audit internal and external (from classification society, flag state administration and any other organization), vetting by oil majors as well as to organize all company’s meetings.

Finally, the HSQE experts team undertakes the continuous development and implementation of company’s policies as per the SMS and ensuring that all company’s departments and ashore personnel are fully familiarized with it in order the company by its all means to performing in its daily routines and not only with success and safety keeping its status in high levels.