Company’s department interconnection and cooperation achieved through a variety of ways during company’s daily routine.

To begin with company’s SMS procedures for all the matters concerned for fleets’ and office’s daily routine are constructed in a way that allows the normal cooperation and case handling besides each department. More specifically all the procedures require each case being investigated from each department (if a case requires check and approval from all the departments) or at least the departments concerned for the particular matter. Additionally, the deep experience and expertise of company’s staff assists the normal interconnection and cooperation besides the office departments. This is reflected from the thoroughly personnel selection.

An essential tool assisting all the above mentioned, is company’s ERP system. Seanergy Mare Maritime Co. S.A. use a state-of-the-art ERP system which furnishes an excellent interconnection, communication and cooperation within company’s departments. The particular ERP system’s friendliness, smooth and flawless functionality, user’s orientation instead of system’s orientation permits the smooth, detailed and quick information exchange, case(s) investigation, approval and monitoring and essentially the excellent interconnection and cooperation within the company’s departments minimized the time needed for all these actions.

Seanergy Mare Maritime consists of the following departments:

Chartering Department 

Technical Department

Operation Department

HSQE Department

Crewing Department

Claims & Insurance Department

Finance & Accounting Department