Crewing Department

The crewing department of Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. consists of experienced seafarers holding the licenses of Master A class and Chief Engineers as well as further specialists.

Company’s crewing team is responsible for the monitoring of company’s crew members in terms of their thoroughly selection throughout strict interviews and checking, monitoring and improving the daily life of crew members on board as well as serving their needs. Moreover, undertakes the shore and ashore training of crew members in order to be in align with the highest standards required by the classification societies, flag states and oil majors.

Furthermore, is responsible to manage the vetting requirements in terms of crew members readiness and preparedness.

Additionally, the ticketing team which is contained in the crewing department is responsible for the flight arrangements, booking of hotels as well as the transportation of seafarers and not only from the airport or hotel to the vessel and vice versa. These arrangements made properly in order for the crew members, superintends etc. flights to be with the best air flight companies, to stay in first class hotels and safely transportation with a cost saving way in order to minimize the cost of these arrangements.

Main task that executed with great success from the crewing team experts is the selection of first class seafarers by dealing with a variety of nationalities such as Greek, Filipino, Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian. Crewing team is also providing a harmony on-board the vessel by making the life of these different nationalities easier without the occurrence of any event.

Finally, the crewing team arranging internal and external audits and visits to crew members countries by taking care their training and maintain their high standards.