Claims & Insurance Department

Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. claims and insurance experts team offer high quality of services throughout the deep experience and knowledge of the specialists of this team.

Our company’s claims and insurance team services undertake the negotiations, placing and attendance for our company’s fleet insurance related to: H&M, P&I, War Risks, Freight Insurance (Freight risk management), FD&D, LOH (all C/P, MOA & contracts disputes in arbitration, court, mediation) stevedore damages, claims prevention. Furthermore, undertakes the issuance and renewal of COFR always complying with the latest rules and regulations of the local areas that the fleet trades for the relevant pollution certificates.

Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. claims and insurance experts’ responsibilities are not limited only to the above. Company’s legal experts are further efficiently and successfully handling corporate matters, vessels registrations procedures, monitoring and supervising Sale and Purchase Transactions as well as shipbuilding and finance contracts. Moreover, all the contracting procedures are served by company’s legal team, handled with the deep knowledge and experience of the legal team of Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. by minimizing the time loss and cost loss by converting into profits.