Our Company Today

Seanergy Mare operates from modern offices in Athens, and has strong international links with shipping stakeholders worldwide, including a strong historical link to shipping stakeholders in London, UK. Seanergy Mare has strong experience in managing a fleet of modern Chemical Tankers as well as product carriers which used to operate both on time charter and on the spot market.

Seanergy Mare proceeded with a full scale reform during 2017, including relocation of headquarters to new fully modernized offices.

    • Ships to be managed by Seanergy Mare will be approved by all the Oil-Majors and by other relevant Major Charterers.
    • Seanergy Mare has successfully complied with all TMSA office audits with ExxonMobil and TOTAL.
    • Seanergy Mare’s Safety, Environmental & Quality Culture aims for the HIGHEST standards and is based on Zero Tolerance Targets.
    • Seanergy Mare operates vessels to Competitive, Cost-effective, Operating Expense Budgets which are regularly compared with industry standards in order to maintain competitiveness.
    • Seanergy Mare’s operating culture, policies, procedures and management systems have been developed alongside first-class organizations, such as Mobil Shipping & Transportation and Odfjell, and this is reflected in the high standards implemented aboard vessels to be managed by Seanergy Mare Management Services.
    • Seanergy Mare provides a transparent and flexible Ship Management Service to Shipowner clients based on comprehensive regular reporting protocols, and arrangements to facilitate close monitoring by, and interaction with, appointed Shipowner clients’ representatives.
    • Seanergy Mare’s professional Ship Management service is tailored to the Shipowner’s specific requirements and circumstances.
    • Seanergy Mare is perpetually ready to respond effectively to any potential emergency situation which may arise.