Operation Department

Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. trade with great success worldwide the last 25 years. A significant reason is the operation department experts which consisting of first class captains. This expert team is responsible for the safety, efficient and high-quality monitoring of the company’s fleet.

This team further acts as a coordinator within all company’s departments, charterers and any kind of third party get involved on vessels daily routine.

Company’s operation experts’ team main responsibilities is the promotion and the establishment of safety and environmental awareness on-board. Moreover, are responsible for the excellent and efficient performance of the vessels against any charter party and essentially a charterer by ensuring for the safe cargo operation taking place on board are successful.

Additionally, Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. operation experts are undertaking to deal with non-conformities arise shore and ashore and follow up them until the closing, to monitoring the right implementation of cargo operation as per the company’s SMS policies.

Operations’ team responsibilities are not limited only to the above mentioned. This expert team are responsible for the daily, weekly, monthly and annually reporting of the company’s fleet in terms of vessels performance, consumption etc. Moreover, are the team in charge for the proper fleets’ bunkering as well as by appointing and appraising the agents and being the intermediate link between them and the fleet.

Finally, our first-class captains consisting the operation experts team successfully manage to be in continuous communication with the fleet for the high quality and normal management routine of the fleet as well as by passing on time and with accuracy the proper voyage and time charter instruction by assisting the fleet for its performance.