Finance & Accounting Department

Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. Finance and Accounts experts team consists of educated and experienced financiers and accountants. More specifically financiers with deeply experience both in banking and shipping segments and experienced accountants with shipping and accounting background.

Both finance and accounting main responsibilities is the efficiently and effectively handling and operation of company’s debit and credit aspects as well as the issuance of company’s financial statements.

The experienced company’s accountants are responsible for the payment arrangements and suppliers, seafarers, public services and of every external company’s colleague/partner. Also, it is good to be mentioned that the company strictly follows the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The expertise company’s financiers are responsible for the controlling of company’s cash flow, financial feasibility of company’s project(s) as well as the efficiently handling of negotiation with financial institutions by acquiring excellent terms and conditions for potential financial exchanges and deals related to company’s projects.

Both finance and accounting experts’ team of Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. are responsible for the analysis of the performance of company’s shipping and capital market affairs, providing financial patterns regarding the established and future company’s projects and investments. Moreover, are managing to minimize company’s costs and in the same time to increase the profits in order the company to working under economy of scale as well as to maintain company’s relationship with the first-class financial institutions.

Finally, Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A. finance and accounting experts’ team high quality of services, allow the company to safely and profitable operating under the transparency that characterize Seanergy Mare Maritime Company S.A.